Twin baby shower gifts: Baby shower gifts for twin boys and girls

Learn about twin baby shower gift etiquette, and get ideas on what kind of gifts to buy. Find twin baby shower gifts for twin boys and girls.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

If you’re looking for twin baby shower gifts, you might be asking yourself what to buy, and whether or not you should give one gift per child. If you can afford it, a gift for each baby is nice. It signals that you consider the children as individuals, and that you are sensitive to the fact that the cost of raising twins is higher than raising one child. If it’s too expensive for you to spend double the amount, consider buying something for the mom-to-be. It could for instance be a twin nursing pillow, books about having and raising twins or twin baby memory books.

What about the twin baby shower registry?

It’s good etiquette to ask whether or not there is a registry, and to take a look at it before you buy gifts. You don’t necessarily need to go with it, if you have a great idea of you own, but the family usually puts a lot of time and thought into the registry. Take a peak at it to find out if there’s something they really seem to need.



Twin boy baby shower gifts



Twin girl baby shower gifts



Baby shower gifts for twin boy and girl



Unisex twin baby shower gifts



Twin baby shower gifts for mom

The soon-to-be-mom might very well appreciate receiving a gift just for her. It could be a gift coupon for a massage and a pedicure, or, if you’re close friends, an evening out with you (if she has the energy).


Twin baby shower gifts for hostess

A baby shower hostess can’t expect to receive a gift for her efforts. She’s (hopefully) throwing the shower out of the goodness of her heart. But a small gift is definitely a great way to let the hostess know that her efforts are appreciated.  It’s the mom-to-be who buys the hostess a gift. If it’s a surprise twin baby shower, it’s fine to give or send the hostess a gift afterwards.





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