6 Lightest Double Strollers for Your Babies!

When two children come into your life, everything runs double: double the joy, but also double the worries…And you’ve got to spend twice as much time and effort in preparations.

Consider this: the babies’ room needs to be more spacious so that each of the children has their personal space. At the same time, they will want to be near each other most of the time, so you’ve got to buy a double crib, a baby feeding station and, of course, a double stroller!

As you may rightly suppose, the double stroller mentioned above is going to be an inseparable part of your family life for the next four or five years. With this in mind, you would like your childrens’ stroller to be sturdy and reliable.

In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to have a closer look at some of the lightest and most reliable double strollers that money can currently buy. Each of these superb strollers has been rigorously tested and carefully inspected so that you can rest assured that it is absolutely safe to carry your precious children!

Lightest Double Strollers Reviews

1. Zoe XL2 Best v2

  • Product weight: 17lbs

Zoe’s double stroller is the lightest and, at the same time, the most practical product on our list. Manufacturers warn, however, that this double stroller is not very suitable for infants younger than 3 months.

What we particularly liked about this light double stroller is its expandable tandem add-on seat. It can easily accommodate a third, even a fourth baby, so you will be prepared for numbers three and four without having to buy another baby carriage.

Zoe’s double stroller also comes with one baby food container. There are two baby cup holders, but you’ll have to fill in the second one with a baby food container of your choice. This stroller also comes in with a third, larger food container, should mummy or daddy get hungry, too!

There is an elastic storage compartment that can accommodate extra diapers, toys, and other baby stuff. This double stroller is incredibly sturdy and is able to hold up to fifty pounds on each side. This, by the way, is the accepted standard for a double stroller’s carrying capacity.

Best of all, this model is super-easy to collapse and fold and fits in a standard car trunk without any problems. We were also impressed by the reliable four-panel canopy that this double stroller comes with. It can protect your beloved children from torrential rain as well as from scorching heat, while they sleep peacefully in their deep recline seats.

This list of extras that this fantastic double stroller provides goes on with extra room for the childrens’ legs, a padded harness and strap covers for extra safety. The double belly-bar prevents the stroller from toppling over.

This light double stroller easily copes with tarmac terrain due to its oversized wheels. At the same time, your babies can enjoy the fascinating new world outside through the magnetic peekaboo windows.


  • The lightest double stroller currently in the market
  • Oversized wheels to cope with rough terrain
  • Affordable price


  • The headrest is a bit undersized

2. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

  • Product weight: 20lbs

Our second candidate weighs just twenty pounds. This makes it an incredibly lightweight double stroller and a perfect solution for city-dwelling parents. Storing this stroller isn’t an issue thanks to its Easy Fold function while pushing your precious children around is simply effortless.

One of Mountain Buggy Nano Duo’s main advantages over its closest rivals is the so-called “cocoon accessory”, which allows for the safe carrying of newborns. Another advantage worth mentioning here is that the seating compartments can be detached from the chassis of the stroller and mounted on the rear seat of your vehicle with a special adaptor that is purchased separately.

This light double stroller has got two 26” seats that can easily accommodate growing toddlers. Besides, the deep recline on both seats is perfect for a quick nap on the go. Mountain Buggy Nano Duos can safely carry your children from their first day in this world to the day they start to happily toddle around on their little feet thanks to its extendable leg rests.

The sun canopies that this multi-functional double stroller comes with are designed to protect your precious children from the weather. At the same time, you can keep an eye on them through the flick-out visors. Finally, the extra-large luggage tray at the bottom of the stroller can accommodate loads of baby gear.


  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Extra-large luggage tray
  • Deep seats with a cocoon accessory


  • Some users have reported difficulties with folding the stroller

3. Evenflow Aero 2

  • Product weight: 23 lbs

Weighing in at 23 lbs, our third candidate is Evenflow Aero 2. Just as our previous two candidates, our third choice of the lightest double stroller, too, is very compact and easy to fold. Interestingly, you can quickly remove one of the seats thus switching to a kind of “single-child mode”.

The stroller can carry up to fifty pounds per seat and is also provided with a storage pocket at the back and two mesh in-seat pockets for the parent’s convenience. Additionally, this double stroller has a storage basket that snaps onto the front of either seat when riding with only one child, and easily fits under the seat when it is not needed.

Even some brief online research reveals that Evenflow is one of the most trusted baby equipment manufacturers worldwide with a century-long experience in the business. Therefore, this particular double stroller features a special UPF 50+ sun protection shield, in addition to its large canopies with flip out visors.

The Aero2 double stroller is also remarkably easy to navigate even with one hand. Mommy can also use the rear-wheel locks to steady the stroller while getting her adorable children in and out. As it is only 30 inches wide, the Aero2 easily goes through any standard doorway. Finally, its lightweight frame with extended storage is perfect for a family weekend in the park.


  • One of the few double strollers that offer a single-child mode
  • UPF 50+ sun protection shield
  • Superior-quality manufacturing


  • Some users have reported unexpected locking of the front wheels

4. JOOVY Twin Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

  • Product weight: 26 lbs

Our fourth candidate, Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller, weighs just half a pound more than its predecessor. First of all, its unique design guarantees an incredibly stable ride. This eliminates the need for extra stroller boards.

Also, this double stroller by Joovy has got a UV-resistant UPF 50+ canopy and a cute peek-a-boo window. While inspecting it, our devoted testers were impressed by the fact that this incredible twin stroller comes with extra-large dual-swivel front wheels and a separate suspension mechanism on each wheel.

You can read online, for example, that JOOVY Twin Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller meets the Disneyland and Disney World stroller size requirements. In simpler words, you can push it through any standard door. Also, this is one of the few models in the market fitted with an umbrella fold and an auto-fold lock. The shoulder carry strap is also very practical.

This lightweight double stroller has also got three baby food container holders and a storage pocket with a zipper on the top. It is also noteworthy that each of the two seats reclines independently and is fitted with its own adjustable footrest.

The soft twin seats of this model easily switch to a bassinet mode that provides a nearly flat ride. This function makes JOOVY Twin Groove Ultralight suitable for newborns as well as toddlers. The handlebar cup holder is meant for mom’s mourning coffee or tea.

5. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

  • Product weight: 26.6 lbs

Baby Jogger’s City Mini Double Stroller was the best double stroller of 2016. It is designed with parents’ comfort in mind. Each of this model’s two seats can hold up to 100 lbs, which is twice over the 50-pound standard. This compact double stroller can be steered with one hand and easily passes through all standard doorways.

Providing a maximum head height of just 23 inches, the City Mini model is not very suitable for growing up toddlers. Let’s look at the stroller’s seats. They recline to a near flat position, as the case is with some other lightweight models. However, this particular model’s seats are fitted with vents and a retractable weather cover to make sure that you can react adequately to changing weather conditions.

Moms of two chilren can create their own travel system by pairing the City Mini Double stroller with the practical City GO infant car seat. The stroller can also fit any infant car seat brand with the help of Baby Jogger’s special car seat adapters. The safety features of this model include an adjustable five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle covers, as well as a reliable rear parking brake.


  • Each seat can hold up to 100 lbs
  • The seats have got vents and a retractable weather cover
  • Five-point safety harnesses with shoulder pads and buckle covers


  • Some moms have reported the wheels aren’t very durable

6. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

  • Product weight: 26.6 lbs

UPPAbaby’s VISTA Stroller is the best model out of the lightest double strollers. The model allows for multiple configurations to carry up to 3 children. At the same time, it also provides a single-child mode. The childrens’ compartment is upholstered with hypoallergenic fabrics and full-grain leather.

Also, the inner liner and boot cover are easily removable and can be machine-washed at any time.  The slightly longer mattress creates a more comfortable environment for your growing children.

The previous models almost invariably feature wide canopies for sun protection. The Vista Stroller, however, also features a rain shield and bug shield, in addition to its extendable UPF 50+ sunshade. And because the model is compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat direct attachment, no additional adapters are required.

Your childrens’ safety is guaranteed by the stroller’s ultra-durable frame made of a special magnesium and aluminum alloy. The model is also fitted with a five-point safety harness and a front and rear suspension mechanism for a comfortable ride.

Finally, the standard equipment that this model comes also includes one bassinet with a bug shield, a toddler seat, and a rain cover. The major disadvantage of this model appears to be the fact that it is not, actually, a genuine double stroller.

To convert it into one, you may need to order the RumbleSeat, which is UPPAbabys’ second-seat accessory. The good news is that the RumbleSeat comes with its own set of car seat adapters. The RumbleSeat can only be fixed on the lower part of the stroller.


  • This model features a rain shield and bug shield
  • Ultra-durable frame made of magnesium and aluminum
  • Five-point safety harness five-point safety harness for extra protection


  • Not a genuine double stroller


On the whole, when buying a double stroller, you should consider a number of factors. First, it should be a genuine double stroller and not one that can be converted into one. Then, you should consider its durability. Pay special attention to the wheels, the frame, and the safety features.

The next factor to take into account is its portability – it should fold reasonably quickly and be able to fit into a standard car’s trunk, and pass through a standard doorway. It should also provide plenty of storage space for the baby gear that you may need while on the go.

How well the double stroller protects your adorable children from adverse weather conditions is also very important. You should choose a model whose canopy is 100% water-resistant. Direct sunlight can also be very dangerous to the soft baby skin, so your lightweight double stroller should provide high-class sun protection as well. Finally, consider buying a stroller from a manufacturer who has been around for quite some time now.

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