Twin nursing pillows: Breastfeeding twins with support

Find out which kind of twin nursing pillows other mothers of twins have used. Read about pros and cons of different brands and get twin breastfeeding tips.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

We’ve asked different mothers of twins about the twin nursing pillows they’ve used. They share their pros and cons and provide you with information about their twin breastfeeding experience. Most mothers have used the Twin Z or the My Breast Friend twin nursing pillows. Some have chosen to ditch the pillows and feed without props.



Twin nursing pillows  – pros and cons

“I love them both for different reasons. I started with the Twin Z but ended up moving to the My Brest Friend because I had a hard time when home alone getting both girls situated on the Twin Z. I worried one would roll off while I got the other on. I swapped to the My Brest Friend because it’s more firm and great with floppy newborns🙂. Still using it now at almost 4 months. Right now I’m using the Twin Z more for the girls to sit in propped up. I expect I’ll use it more for nursing in the next month or so as the girls get to big for the My Brest Friend. When I travel I bring only one pillow, the Twin Z, because I can use it both for nursing (with help) and also to have them in a spot to sit/lean propped up so I’m not having to carry them the entire time. They both have reflux so they’re very rarely flat.”
– Mother who used the Twin Z and the My Brest Friend twin nursing pillows


“Best thing I ever did was to ditch the pillow and feed without props. Some of us can’t work the pillows at all. I tried the My Breast Friend with rolled up blankets and the like. When one of my girls slipped off during a feed onto the bed behind me, I looked for other positions. And there are so many other positions that can be used. It’s important to acknowledge that a pillow of any kind isn’t for everyone and isn’t the only way to tandem.”
– Mother who breastfed without using twin nursing pillows


“I love the Twin Brest Friend, but it is bulky and difficult to travel with. Tip: If you are alone and need to tandem feed, lay each baby on either side of you and latch the weaker latcher first. And I also suggest having a little pillow to place on your lap under the pillow to prop it up, bringing the babies heads much closer to the boobies. I chose this one out of recommendation by multiple lactation consultants. When I single feed I also use the little pillow. I hate using a full size pillow because of the bulk and tendency for the insides to shift. My little pillow was from Bed Bath and Beyond, same one I used to support my hips while sleeping pregnant.”
– Mother who used the My Brest Friend twin nursing pillow


“Twin Z was a dream. We still use it at 17 months for naps, and my parents bought one for their house that they’d bottled feed my boys wearing or putting it on the floor. Tried the My Brest Friend and hated it.”
– Mother who used the Twin Z twin nursing pillow


“I had the Twin My Brest Friend and a boppy, neither are plus size friendly. So I ended up using nothing but my legs and bed pillows.”
– Mother who breastfed without using twin nursing pillows


“I ended up ordering the Peanut and Piglet Twin Breastfeeding pillow from Europe after a lot of research. I exclusively breastfeed my singleton with a boppy and knew I would need something more sturdy and solid to be able to breastfeed 2 at a time. I have LOVED it!! It is perfect. It is made to fit your legs underneath and still have a flat surface, it has great back support. It is sturdy so when you set one baby on and reach for the other there is no worry. They both have plenty of room and support. Only complaint is that the cover does not come off to be washed so I ended up putting a burp rag under them. I’m a size 16/18 and it fits me well. Its a little too small for my hubby to use for bottle feeding.”
– Mother who used the Peanut and Piglet Twin nursing pillow


“My Brest Friend twin nursing pillow! I tandem fed using that for about 10 months (before they came too mobile & had to feed individually).”
– Mother who used the My Brest Friend twin nursing pillow


“I have the Twin Z nursing pillow and love it! We are still using it at 22 months. It has been so awesome from day 1 and definitely contributed to our exclusively breastfeeding success. When my twins were babies I would use the pillow as a place to let them rest or to give them tummy time (on the floor and supervised, of course). They still love to lay in it and I can see us using it after they’re done breastfeeding. The Twin Z nursing pillow comes with a bag and is easy to take on trips.”
– Mother who used the Twin Z  twin nursing pillow


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