Twin baby shower invitations: Get ready to celebrate

Look at twin baby shower invitations for twin girls, twin boys and boy-girl twins. Choose between different themes and learn about when to schedule the twin baby shower.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

You’re preparing a twin baby shower and you need to find the right twin baby shower invitation. Have a look at different twin baby shower invitations for twin girls, twin boys and boy-girl twins. You can customize many of them, so you get the colour and images that fit with the twin baby shower theme you’ve picked out.

Twin girl baby shower invitations





Twin boy baby shower invitations





Twin baby shower invitations for girl and boy







When do I send out twin baby shower invitations?

Many baby showers are held one or two months before a baby’s due date. In the case of twins, you might want to schedule it sooner, because the risk of giving birth prematurely is higher. Also, there is a greater risk that the mother will be placed on bed rest at some point during her pregnancy. You want to send out invitations as soon as possible, especially if there are people attending from out of town. Nevertheless, you should wait until the first trimester has passed. Be aware that in some cultures it’s considered bad luck to give presents for babies before they’re born. In those cases, a baby shower after the children are born is fine. Usually a close friend – or in some cases a family member – sends out the twin baby shower invitations. It’s considered good etiquette to consult with the mother-to-be about the guest list and theme for the twin baby shower. In many cases, you can customize invitations, so you get the colour and look that fits the theme of the twin baby shower.





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