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Read about twins in school and preschool. Find out whether or not children should be separated or stay together. Learn about twin jealousy, twin rivalry and sharing attention. Find out what you can do to help your children get along. Find the perfect photo frames for your twins pictures and get an overview of books about twins. You can get books for twin parents, siblings of twins or twins themselves. Look at twin Halloween costumes and The Shining twins costumes. Learn about twin studies and anorexia, ADHD and twins with autism. Find out about the risk of autism for one twin, if the other twin gets an autism diagnosis. Find toys and gifts for twins, and see discounts for families with twins. Find scholarships for twins whey they are getting ready for college and read about empty nest syndrome. Read our twin mom blogs and find out how other women with twins are doing. We have bloggers from several different parts of the world. This includes moms with twins in India,  Canada, the U.S., Romania and Turkey. Read about teenage twins and alcohol and cannabis use and find out what you have to look out for. Learn about how dads level of affection impacts children’s personalities.

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Twins & Preschool: How to Adjust & Cope

Starting in preschool can be tough. Read how Ioana Ungureanu’s twin boys coped with starting preschool, and how they dealt with separation issues.