Twin Pregnancy Symptoms: Early Signs

Are you wondering whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are twin pregnancy symptoms? Read about the most common symptoms of a twin pregnancy.

Severe pregnancy symptoms

Substantial hormonal changes – like those you have during a twin pregnancy – can cause more severe pregnancy symptoms. You may feel much more nauseous and be more tired than you would be if you were having a singleton. However, be aware that you can also feel absolutely hellish and only be expecting one child.  A large study shows that you are more at risk of experiencing nausea if you carry twins and especially so if one or more of the babies are girls.

Elevated levels of hCG

Elevated levels of the hormone “human chorionic gonadotropin” (hCG) in the blood is another sign that you are pregnant with twins. However, levels can also be elevated during the early phase of a singleton pregnancy, so you won’t know for sure. If you want to find out for certain whether or not your twin pregnancy symptoms stem from you having two babies in your womb, you’ll need to get an ultrasound scan. Find out how early you can detect twins in a scan.

Bigger baby bump

Are you getting comments about you looking like you’re further along than you know you in fact are? A big – an early – baby bump can imply that you are having two guests in your womb instead of a singleton. However, be aware that after each pregnancy, the skin, muscles and surrounding ligaments have been stretched. This means that when the pregnancy hormones kick in, your belly will take its round shape earlier on, if you’ve had children previously. You’ll also feel bigger if you weigh more when you get pregnant, than you did when you got pregnant previously. Have a look at other women’s twin pregnancy bellies at different stages in pregnancy.


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