Twin baby memory books: Remember important milestones

Find the right twin baby memory books and record those special moments and milestones - they'll become treasured memories as time flies by.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

You think you’ll never forget at what age your children took their first step, what their first words were and how old they were when they slept through the night. But as the years go by, those milestones can become tricky to remember. Pick out a twin baby memory book and record those special moments of your babies first year – and beyond. You can choose between several different types of twin baby memory books. This list will help you get an overview of the types of twin baby books to choose from. If you prefer to give your children a book each – so they don’t fight over who can take the book with them when they move out (or more likely when they have children themselves) – then consider buying two singleton baby books. You can also go for twin baby memory books that come as a 2-piece.


Twin baby memory books – 2 piece

This twin baby book is written as a fairy tale. You you can fill in details of your own twin pregnancy, the birth of your twins, and the first three years of life. You get two identical books – one for each twin.




Twin baby memory books

There are several cute twin baby books to choose from. In some you’re able to depict your twins first year, others go up to 5 years of age. There are sections about birthdays, holidays, family tree, doctor visits, monthly memorabilia and much more.




Twin baby memory books – for twin girls

This twin baby book is made for two girls. There are pictures of different twin girls throughout the book. You can document the first five years of their lives.



Twin baby memory books – personalized

You can choose between different cover photos and colors, personalizing your book depending on whether you’re having twin girls, twin boys, or boy-girl twins.








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