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Read all you need to know about twin pregnancy, and follow our twin pregnancy week by week guide. Learn about twin pregnancy symptoms, morning sickness, exhaustion, gestational diabetes and hypertension, and find out what steps you can take to feel better throughout your pregnancy. Find out about twin ultrasound and what to look out for. Learn about chorionicity in twins and find out whether you’re expecting identical or fraternal twins. Read about how your twins are developing week by week and learn about the different stages of development. Look at pictures of women pregnant with twins and find out what twin pregnancy bellies look like. Learn about nutrition and what to eat to stay healthy, and find out what you need to buy to be ready for the arrival of your twins. Also, see what other mothers did for twin baby announcements and twin gender reveal, and find out where to buy twin baby memory books and photo frames for twins. Look at all our twin baby gear reviews, and find out what twin nursing pillow and twin baby carrier to purchase. Get discounts from stores who sell twin products and receive free stuff for twins by participating in our contests for twin families. Learn about the most recent twin studies and find out what researchers conclude regarding how to deliver twins and how to take care of yourself throughout your twin pregnancy. Learn more about Twin to Twin Tranfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS). Find out about laser surgery for TTTS and TTTS treatment. Read TTTS stories about families who’ve been diagnosed with the disease.

Erin with her twin sons

The Day Nemo Flipped Into a Breech Position

When our twin mom blogger Erin Brandenburg was pregnant with her twin boys, she really wanted to give birth vaginally. Read about what happend when one twin flipped into a feet first breech position.

Erin with her twin sons

Twins Came As a Surprise

When Erin Brandenborg found out she was having twins, she was shocked. Read about how the family coped and how they did their twin pregnancy announcement.

A collection of twin gender reveal ideas.

Twin Gender Reveal Ideas: Pictures & Cakes

Look at surprise and unique twin gender reveal announcements from other families of twins. You can do a twin gender reveal cake, use shirts, shoes or make a drawing.