9 Weeks Pregnant With Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms & Physical Acticity

At 9 weeks pregnant with twins, all important organs are formed and are developing rapidly. Your babies are getting bigger and stronger.

Pregnancy diet, exercise & prenatal vitamins

You still need to take folic acid at 9 weeks pregnant with twins. Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects.

There are some physical challenges you need to pay more attention to at this stage of your pregnancy. Be careful with prolonged standing – especially in stooped postures.

Avoid sudden and heavy lifting. It’s a great idea to exercise regularly. If you keep active throughout your pregnancy, you’ll be better at coping with the weight gain that comes with your pregnancy.

You are also more likely to have a better birth experience. Don’t be afraid of physical activity in relation to miscarriage. There’s no correlation as long as you don’t participate in contact sports or activities where you can fall and hurt your stomach.

Baby size & development

Your babies will measure around 2,5 cm – that’s about an inch – from head to rump at the end of this week. Their genitals are formed. You won’t be able to tell whether you are carrying twin boys, twin girls or boy-girl twins yet.

They still look very similar at this point. You will learn the gender of your babies at the anatomy scan. That usually takes place when you’re between 18 weeks and 20+6 weeks pregnant.

If you’re willing to pay for an earlier scan, you may be able to find out a few weeks earlier. You can know even sooner if you get or pay for genetic testing.

Your baby’s hearts are fully formed with four heart chambers. Your heart is still pumping the blood for your babies and back and forth between the placenta(s) via the umbilical cords.

Both the placenta(s) and the umbilical cords will grow with your babies and provide them with everything they need in the uterus.

Their arms are fully visible, but the legs aren’t yet. They develop more slowly.

Twin ultrasound pictures of identical twins

These twin ultrasound pictures are identical twins who share a placenta. They have their own separate inner sac and share the outer sac.

This type of twin pregnancy is called monochorionic-diamniotic. About 2/3 of identical twins are monochorionic-diamniotic.

mo-di twin ultrasound 9 weeks   twin ultrasound 9 weeks   twin ultrasound 9 weeks           

Twin ultrasound pictures of fraternal twins

This twin ultrasound picture is from a fraternal twin pregnancy. Fraternal twins have their own separate placentas and their own separate inner and outer sac.

This type of twin pregnancy is called dichorionic diamniotic. Identical twins can also be dichorionic diamniotic. About 1/3 of identical twins are dichorionic diamniotic.

Pregnancy symptoms & belly pictures

When you’re 9 weeks pregnant with twins, you probably feel more tired than usual. You may have some or all of the following symptoms:

  • You feel bloated, especially in the evening
  • You’ve probably started to gain weight
  • You may notice that you bleed more easily from your gums
  • You may get nosebleeds. This is because the amount of blood in your body increases and puts more pressure on the vessels

twin pregnancy belly   twin pregnancy belly   twin pregnancy belly   twin pregnancy belly   twin pregnancy belly   9 weeks pregnant with twins

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