33 Weeks Pregnant With Twins: Symptoms & Signs of Labor

At 33 weeks pregnant with twins you’re probably paying attention to any early signs that you’re going into labor. Twins born at 33 weeks are considered born moderate to late preterm.

Even though almost all babies survive at 33 weeks if they’re born in high-income settings, doctors will try to stop the labor if they can. Your babies will still benefit most from staying inside your womb to grow and gain weight. This is if your pregnancy is progressing as it should.

If you’re expecting monoamniotic-monochorionic (mo-mo) twins, most doctors will recommend that you get a c-section around this week. Mo-mo twins are identical twins that share a placenta and both sacs.

Pregnancy diet, exercise & prenatal vitamins

It’s important that you take care of yourself and that you get some rest. It’s a good idea to take a nap during the day if you feel exhausted. Get family or friends to entertain your older children if possible.

Life with newborn twins can be tough, and you need energy for it. Use the last pregnancy weeks to rest as much as possible. Also, continue taking an iron supplement. It is very important to take this iron supplement so that you’ll be ready when you give birth. Through giving birth, you will lose a lot of blood, which means you’ll lose a lot of iron.

Pregnancy symptoms & belly pictures

You may feel quite large and uncomfortable. Pelvic pain is no stranger, and you may feel more braxton hicks contractions. Other common symptoms at 33 weeks pregnant with twins are:

  • Swollen feet. This can be caused by either fluid retention or your twin pregnancy weight gain. For some women, their feet will stay bigger even after they’ve given birth and lost the weight they gained. However, most women experience that their feet go back to the size they were before pregnancy.
  • Some women sweat a lot during pregnancy. This is because your blood flow and metabolism is increased during pregnancy. That can cause your body to sweat more. Hormones are also partly to blame. The surges – increases and decreases in hormones that constantly occur during pregnancy – can give you hot flashes.
  • You may feel that you’re stomach is in the way. You may need help to tie your shoes.
  • Cramping and a tight stomach is not uncommon and not necessarily signs of early labor. It could be braxton hicks contractions which is your body’s way of practicing for delivery. However, if you feel intense or sudden abdominal pain, or contractions increasing in duration and strength, you should call your doctor or midwife.

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Baby weight & fetal development

Your babies measure approximately 43,5 centimeters (17.13 inches) when you’re 33 weeks pregnant with twins. The median weight for dichorionic twins is 2110 grams (4lbs, 10oz) and for monochorionic twins, it’s 2014 grams (4lbs, 7oz).

Look at our estimated fetal weight charts to learn more about how twins grow in the second half of pregnancy. When you’re 33 weeks pregnant with twins, your babies are practicing nursing inside your womb. They’re sucking on their fingers and toes.

Some babies are born with red marks or blisters on their hands from sucking in utero. The space in your womb is tight by now. Nevertheless, you need to feel both your babies move every day. If you feel less or no life at all one day, you need to react.

Try drinking a glass of cold water and nudge your stomach a little. If you still don’t feel any reaction, contact your doctor or midwife. 


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