37 weeks pregnant with twins: Twin pregnancy week by week

Read about pregnancy week 36+0 to 36+6. You’re now 37 weeks pregnant with twins.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

Your babies measure approximately 48 centimeters (18.90 inches), when you’re 37 weeks pregnant with twins. The median weight for dichorionic twins is 2869 grams (6lbs, 5oz) and for monochorionic twins it’s 2697 grams (5lbs, 15oz). Look at our estimated fetal weight charts to learn more about how twins grow in the second half of pregnancy.

How are my babies developing?

Your babies are still putting on layers of fat. They help your children stay warm. Next week is the official week for when your twins are considered born at term. They are considered born at term if they’re born at 37+0 weeks.

How might I feel?

You may be fed up with being pregnant, when you’re 37 weeks pregnant with twins. You want to meet your babies now. You’re uncomfortable and your body is tired and hurting from carrying two children. Some women are fine with being pregnant or would like to stay pregnant, because they’re nervous or scared about giving birth to twins. If you’re feeling anxious, it’s important that you share those feelings with someone you trust. Going into labour scared is not optimal. It’s a good idea to let your doctor or midwife know how you feel. They might be able to offer you some sort of extra support.

What do I need to remember?

You probably know by now that the position of your babies is crucial for whether or not you’ll give birth vaginally. Be aware that even though twin A is head down, some doctors and midwives prefer to deliver twins by cesarean section. This may be because they worry that the second twin will run into difficulties during the delivery, particularly if he or she is not head down. Others recommend vaginal birth as long as twin A is head down. Read more about twins and vaginal birth.

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