Flying With Twins: Infants and Toddlers

Are you considering flying with twins? Preparation is key! Here are a few tips and tricks to consider before flying with twins.

– Know the rules: Before buying tickets, check with different carriers to find out what their policies are for flying with babies. It might suit you better to pick the most flexible carrier, instead of the cheapest.

– Have plenty of time: Make sure that you won’t have to rush to – or at – the airport. It’s quite stressful having to hurry and your feelings of stress will affect the way you interact with your children. If they get wound up, you’ll be in for quite a flight.

– Talk to the flight attendants: If your flight isn’t full, there’s a chance you could be allowed to have an extra seat for free.

– Be mellow: You might have restrictions on certain kinds of food or want your children to speak or act in a certain kind of way. Loosen up, when you’re in the air. Principles are better when you’re not stuck at 38000 feet together with 300 strangers. However, be sure that they’re not bothering other passengers.

– Hold on to pacifiers: Bring a lot of pacifiers and remember pacifier clips as well. Continuously having to look for pacifiers your children have dropped is inconvenient and is going to annoy you – and the people sitting next to you. Also, don’t pack any noisy toys.

Tricks from a twin mom

Also, have a look at twin mom Tara Settembres advice for travelling with twin infants or toddlers. When Tara’s identical twins were infants, she and her husband took them on their first plane ride.

“I had been worried and dreading flying with two 5-month old boys for the first time,”  Tara Settembre admits.

Read Tara’s tips and tricks for flying with infant twins and toddlers

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