Twin pregnancy weight gain chart: Weight gain with twins

Find out how much weight to gain if you're pregnant with twins. Have a look at the twin pregnancy weight gain chart from The National Academy of Medicine.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

What is the appropriate weight gain with twins? The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) made changes to the guidelines concerning twin pregnancy weight gain in 2009.Please note that the evidence base for women carrying multiple fetuses is still limited. The NAM offers the following provisional guidelines, which are based specifically on the work of Luke and Hediger. Unfortunately, the data sources did not provide sufficient information to develop provisional guidelines for underweight women.

The weight gain guidelines are based on revised Body Mass Index (BMI) categories. They now have a recommendation for obese women. To meet the recommendations of the report, women need to gain within the weight gain ranges for their BMI category.

*Back then it was called the Institute of Medicine (IoM).


If before pregnancy you were...You should gain...
Normal weight
BMI 18.5-24.9
37-54 pounds (17-25 kg) at term
BMI 25.0-29.9
31-50 pounds (14-23 kg) at term
BMI greater than or equal to 30.0
25-42 pounds (11-19 kg) at term


More women have twins

Today women have more twin and triplet pregnancies, and they tend to be older when they become pregnant. Women are also heavier and a greater percentage are entering pregnancy overweight or obese. Many are also gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Nevertheless, a small study questions the twin pregnancy weight gain limits for normal weight women. Over a five-year period, 170 patients in a New York City private obstetrics practice gave birth to twins at or near full-term. Mothers who gained more than recommended did not have higher rates of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia than women who put on less weight. Plus, the more weight a mother gained, the more likely her babies were to be born weighing above five and a half pounds (2540 grams). Because of this the clinic does not limit the amount of weight their patients gain IF they are a normal weight when they begin their pregnancies. Regardless of your weight and BMI be sure to discuss your weight gain with your doctor(s).




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