Twin pregnancy announcement ideas

There are many cute ways of letting the world know about your twin pregnancy. Take a look at these twin pregnancy announcement ideas.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

A twin pregnancy announcement can be done in many different ways. We’ve collected some real-life twin pregnancy announcements to inspire you. If you’d like to share how you revealed your twin pregnancy we’d love to know. Write us at You can also visit our twin gender reveal ideas.



For their first set of twins this family put ‘two buns in the oven.” When they got pregnant with another set, they put their three older kids on top of the oven like they were done, and two more buns in the oven again.










This drawing was made by the family’s two sons and was sent to the extended family. 














When this picture was posted many people commented twice. They commented “congrats” and then commented again “OMG it’s twins.”



The banana, the apple and the clementine symbolizes the parents and their older child. The two small cherries are the twins. Birth date and year is listed beneath the fruit.











The onesies say “you can do it daddy” and arrows are showing where the arms and legs are supposed to go. They were shown to family and friends together with an ultrasound picture.



Pictures you can press to get the full view





The picture to the left was used when this family found out that they were having a baby. The second picture is when they found out it was twins.



This mother was  very sick with hyperemesis gravidarum.  She had to be in the hospital for a month. It was getting very hard to hide the pregnancy, so they decided to do their twin pregnancy announcement from the hospital.






When this family did their twin pregnancy announcement on Facebook their daughter was 2,5 years old (in the picture to the left). When they were expecting child number 4 they took a similar picture and gave it to their extended family as a Christmas gift. 











This family went through IVF and knew the gender of the embryo that was transferred. What they didn’t know at the time was that the egg would split and that they would be welcoming identical twin daughters into their family. The husband’s sign reads “I’m going to be a daddy. I swear they’re mine!” He was deployed during his wives round of IVF and the couple used to joke that he was the only guy on the ship hoping his wife would get pregnant while he was gone. Follow this family on Instagram.



This picture was published on Facebook. For most – apart from the immediate family and friends – there were multiple surprises in store. The mother was single when she became pregnant with twins by a donor. 



The picture above was taken at the pumpkin patch as a pregnancy announcement. The family had no idea at the time that they would need an extra pumpkin.






This picture was used as a twin pregnancy announcement on Facebook.





This family wrote in the picture: “We are expanding with four feet.”



A mini chalkboard was added to the frame for a countdown/week tracker for the grandparents. 



This picture was used as a twin pregnancy announcement on Facebook.



This picture was used as a twin pregnancy announcement on Facebook. The mother was single and became pregnant by donor. She was inseminated with three eggs and felt two eggs attaching to the uterine lining. She wasn’t surprised to learn that she was having twins. 



In the picture is the mother and fathers initials as well as their daughters. The two snowflakes symbolizes the babies. 


Next to the fathers stomach is written “beer.” At the big sister’s stomach “chocolate” and at the mother’s stomach “twins.”





This family wanted one last child and got two. They have three children from previous relationships on both sides. The older children was 26, 19 and 9 years old at the time.





This picture was used as a twin pregnancy announcement for friends and family.



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