Care During Twin Pregnancy: How to Cope with Hypertension & Swelling

With no family history of twins, I was surprised, I conceived twins. I was so excited to find out why it happened to me! Some careful investigation led us to the fact that there was a history of twins in my family, which I came to know of much later. Two generations ahead of mine. And before we knew it, my cousin soon followed suit – and so here we are, now a family of twins.

Hypertension and oedema caused a few issues

As with all pregnancies, each has its own specific problems and complications. Mine was no exception. The first trimester was uneventful, and it was just routine check-up’s and regular medication. But the second trimester increase in body weight and body fluids was a cause of concern. The scans showed good fetal development. All the organs of the fetuses were developing and showed no anomalies. This was a good sign. Personally my hypertension (high blood pressure) and oedema (swelling) caused a few issues. I was told to remain calm and stress free, for this the mind had to be trained. Meditation, prayers and exercises helped to a large extent. Taking medicine prescribed by the gynecologist on time and being regular with check-ups helped in easing the pressure.

A few tips I followed:

  1. Avoiding salt and spices helped in reducing blood pressure and helped to stabilise it.
  2. Increasing my intake of fluids helped, water boiled with cumin seeds was a natural cure to relieve indigestion.
  3. Oedema and pain caused by fluid retention was treated with Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicinal system) oils. These oils also helped the skin during stretching and reduced soreness and dryness caused around the nipples.

Drastic weight increase and stress

The weight increase was so drastic that I was looking full term in my seventh month, and I did not disclose that I was carrying twins. This was done so that too much speculation during conversation with others could be avoided. My appetite was normal, and I tried eating healthy, but heart burn and indigestion was making it a little difficult. No matter how much advice is followed, or precaution taken, each day of a pregnancy poses new challenges. Anxiety and stress is a part of this situation. I was more concerned that my family should not be stressed due to my condition.

Delivery by c-section

On the night of 28 August 1999, 8 days before my due date, my water broke. I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors assured us that we had time and nothing would go wrong. With the spasms of back pain being severe, I was rushed to surgery for a c-section due to one of the twins being in breech position. I delivered my twins well past midnight each weighing 2500 grams (5lbs, 8oz) and 2000 grams (4lbs, 6oz) respectively.

My experience of pregnancy was unforgettable. The challenges were there, but the anticipation of happiness always kept me going. As the children were safely delivered all these trials seemed worth it.

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