Twin Gender Reveal Ideas: Pictures & Cakes

Look at surprise and unique twin gender reveal announcements from other families of twins. You can do a twin gender reveal cake, use shirts, shoes or make a drawing.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

You know the sex of your babies, and now you’d like to let your family and friends in on the secret. We bet that they’re dying to know! Whether you’re expecting boys, girls or one of each sex, we’ve collected some real-life examples to inspire you. Would you like to share your twin gender reveal picture, or do you have footage from your twin gender reveal party, please send us an e-mail. If you’re looking for ideas on how to announce that you’re expecting twins, visit our twin pregnancy announcements.

Twin gender reveal cake

A popular way of revealing the gender of twins at a twin gender reveal party, is to do a twin gender reveal cake. Remember to take pictures or shoot a video when the cake is being cut. You can use the footage when doing a twin gender reveal on social media or sending it to families and friends who couldn’t participate.

twin gender reveal   twin gender reveal   twin gender reveal   twin gender reveal   twin gender reveal

This family announced the arrival of their daughters with a twin gender reveal cake. 



twin gender reveal   twin gender reveal

This family made a twin gender reveal cake. Their guests were told that they had to eat dinner before cutting the cake.  We were told that the guests eat fast!


twin gender reveal cake and pictures


twin gender reveal

This big brother got to help announce the genders of his twin baby brothers.


Twin gender reveal shirts & onesies

You can buy different twin gender reveal shirts for yourself or other family members. Some also choose to buy clothing for their twins such as onesies, which the babies will be able to use once they’re born. The family takes a picture of the clothes, and use the picture for the twin gender reveal.

twin gender reveal


Older brother holding twin onesies


Twin gender reveal balloons

When throwing a twin gender reveal party, you can take a picture of the balloons. Use that picture as your twin gender reveal picture on social media.


Twin gender reveal pictures & drawings

A unique idea for a twin gender reveal picture is to do your own drawing or collage.

twin gender reveal

The genders were announced on Snapchat. The friends who were not on Snapchat got this picture.


twin gender reveal


twin gender reveal


twin gender reveal


twin gender reveal


twin gender reveal drawing with chalk


twin gender reveal


Two fingers dressed with hats and faces symbolizing fraternal twins



Easter twin gender reveal pictures


twin gender reveal eggs   twin gender reveal eggs

Pregnancy announcement picture followed by a twin pregnancy announcement as well as a twin gender reveal picture. 


Twin gender reveal ideas with shoes


twin gender reveal

twin gender reveal



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