Toilet training seat or potty?

Are you wondering whether to buy a toilet training seat or a potty? Both may be able to do the trick for your children, but there are a few things to think about before you choose.

Observe your children

Are your toddlers afraid of loud noises? Do they seem sensitive and cautious regarding new adventures? Be aware that these type of children may feel more comfortable sitting on the potty close to the floor than on a large toilet. Read more about how to potty train successfully. This also goes for very young children. Some parents choose to buy a potty for very young children and then switch to a toilet training seat when they are older.

Toilet training at nursery

If your children are in nursery or daycare, consider using whatever they’re using. Your children may be more inclined using a toilet training seat or a potty, depending on what the other children in the nursery or daycare center use.

Ask your children

If your children are around the age of two or above, include them in the decision. Take them out shopping or show them pictures of a toilet training seat and a potty. Explain that they’ll soon be able to go to the toilet themselves, and ask them if they’d prefer a toilet training seat or a potty.

Did a toilet training seat or a potty work for your children? Leave a reply below this article and let us know what you chose.



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