Potty training regression – why and what to do?

You thought your twins were potty trained and now one or both of them are having frequent accidents. Try to figure out the reason for their potty training regression and help your children master potty training.

Readiness is key

You need to consider if you may have pushed one or both twins too hard. Were they in fact ready to be potty trained? Even though it feels like a step backwards let them wear diapers again. However, keep placing them on the potty several times a day to practice. Try removing the diaper again when they reach their own optimal potty training age.

Handle stress appropriately

Some children experience potty training regression, when they face change. This can be related to a move or starting in kindergarten or school. It can also be caused by stress, such as being bullied or the arrival of a new sibling. When the situation is resolved or things have calmed down, the potty training regression issue will usually have solved itself. Try to get some alone time with both of your children and feel them out.

Evaluate your methods

Children have unique personalities and respond to different methods. Some might thrive with a potty training reward chart, whereas others feel immense negative pressure to perform. Ironically, being too afraid to fail could be the reason for your child’s potty training regression. Convince your children that it’s okay to have accidents and that you still consider them to be big boys or girls.

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