Twin Baby Gifts: 8 Great Ideas

There are a lot of adorable twin baby gifts to purchase online. They don’t all cost money – donating your time can also be a great help for worn-out twin parents.

8 twin baby gifts


1. Matching onesies

There are a lot of cute matching onesies and shirts for twins available. Have a look at Zazzle. They have a wide selection of twin baby clothes for both identical and fraternal twins. At My Twins Are Cuter they have matching clothing that also fit toddlers and youth as well as clothing for moms, dads and grandparents of twins.

2. Twin gift certificate

If you’ like to contribute in a different way, you can make your own personal twin gift certificate. It could be you offering up a few hours of your time to watch the twin babies while their parents sleep. You can also offer to pick up groceries or do chores around the house. Anything you can think of to lighten the load will be great twin baby gifts!

3. Meals for freezer

Prepare meals to put in the freezer. For sleep-deprived parents it’s a great help not having to cook dinner every night.

4. Money bank

The Twins Gift Company has a selection of twin baby gifts, including Christening gifts.

5. Stuffed animal pairs

Let the twins cuddle up with matching stuffed animals. Trends in Twos has alligators, horses, monkeys and other activity sets.

6. Gift baskets

There are a lot of different twin gift baskets you can buy. At Stork Baby Gift Baskets you can select presents for twin babies in any gender combination – two boys, two girls or one of each.

7. Gifts for nursery

Kiki & Bree makes handmade signs for the nursery. They are made exclusively and you can personalize them in different ways.

8. Diaper cake

Babies go through many diapers a day. Figure out the right size and buy a few packs. If you’re feeling creative you can let yourself be inspired by the many twin diaper cake pictures on Pinterest (it looks cuter than it sounds). Be aware that some parents prefer diapers without fragrance and dye.

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