38 weeks pregnant with twins: Twin pregnancy week by week

Read about pregnancy week 37+0 to 37+6. You’re now 38 weeks pregnant with twins.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

Your babies measure approximately 49 centimeters (19.29 inches), when you’re 38 weeks pregnant with twins.

How are my babies developing?

If you give birth, when you’re 38 weeks pregnant with twins, they’re considered born at term. If they stay in your womb, they’ll continue to put on layers of fat. Your placenta(s) also continues to grow. Your babies hair grow rapidly as well as their nails. Remember not to cut their nails after birth. They’re still soft from being soaked in amniotic fluid. You have to wait cutting them until they become hard. If you’re worried about your babies scratching themselves, you can gently peel off the ends with your fingers. Their nails are so soft that the surplus will come away easily.

How might I feel?

You may begin noticing early signs that you’re going into labour. If not, your doctor or midwife might recommend a caesarean or induction. This is because the risk of stillbirth and other complications in twins increases slightly in the weeks prior to you reaching full term. That’s 40+0 weeks. If you want to read a bit (more) about giving birth, have a look at this article concerning how a twin birth progresses.

What do I need to remember?

You need to remember taking your iron supplements, if your doctor and midwife recommends it. You must continue taking them until a few weeks after birth, especially if you have a c-section or if you lose a lot of blood during a vaginal delivery. There’s an increased risk of bleeding more than you normally would during labour, when you are giving birth to twins. This is due to the fact that the uterus is very large.
Also, try to get as much rest as you can in the last few days or weeks of your pregnancy.

The woman in the pictures is 37+0 weeks pregnant with twins. It’s her fourth pregnancy.


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