Twins In India: Experiences from a Twin Mom

Blogger & twin mom: Siji Francis
Children: Fraternal twins in India

Parenthood is the most unpredictable and challenging phases of our lives. Nevertheless it is also the most fulfilling and enduring success stories in our journey of life.
A child is a 20 year project says Sadh guru from India… if completed successfully it remains ones greatest victory, if not it will be a life long ordeal depending on the time allotted to each one of us by the divine. Personally my twin 20 year project is now 19 years old. I will have to wait for a few more years to assess my performance. The journey itself has been a great learning experience from fascinating to challenging.

Expecting twins in India

The journey began from the moment the gynecologist felt there was some amiss during my routine pregnancy check-up. She didn’t confirm twins initially but referred me to a second scan to be absolutely sure. With this confirmation began my new life of anxiousness and excitement. The first and second trimester was uneventful… routine check–up and scans helped. Begin the third trimester I was gently informed that twin 1 was in a breech position, and I would have to be very careful. The medical practitioner also educated me that if need be we had an option of a caesarean section to make sure the babies were safe during labour and delivery.
Having a great rapport with a doctor and following advice decreased stress considerably. A supportive spouse and a caring family was value addition to curb unnecessary panic.

Giving birth to twins in India

Oedema and hypertension was a situation I combated throughout my pregnancy. I could have done much better by following a better diet and exercise which I still regret. Yes, pregnancy should be a treated as natural as possible but caution and knowledge of one’s own body will help in easing out possible complications. Ignorance cannot be a bliss all the the time! My pregnancy finally ended at the operation table with the doctor performing a routine caesarean. I was prepared since I was well aware of the complications of a breech baby which could be harmful to the other twin. Well past midnight on 29th August 1999 my twin girls entered my life two minutes apart. The first twin badged Baby 1 weighed a healthy 2.5 kilograms (5lbs, 8oz) and Baby 2 weighed 2 kilograms (4lbs, 6oz). Safely delivered and handed over to the pediatrician for post-natal care.

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