39 Weeks Pregnant With Twins: Signs of Labor, Induction & C-section

If you give birth at 39 weeks pregnant with twins, your babies are born at term. Many doctors won’t allow you to go this far, but the ones who will have probably started talking about inducing labor or doing a c-section soon. This is because the risk of stillbirth and other complications in twins increases slightly as you approach full term for twins. Some women refuse to follow recommendations, as they believe that their babies will make their arrival when they’re ready. If this is how you feel, make sure to get checked regularly. It’s important that your doctor and midwife make sure that your babies are well.

Pregnancy diet, nutrition & prenatal vitamins

There’s an increased risk of bleeding more than you normally would during labor, when you give birth to twins. This is due to the fact that the uterus is very large. Because of the expected blood loss, it’s a good idea a to continue taking an iron supplement until a few weeks after birth. This is to prevent you becoming anemic.

Fetal development & baby size

Your babies measure approximately 50 centimeters (19.69 inches) at 39 weeks pregnant with twins. Your babies bones are still soft. Between the bones of their skulls there are joints called sutures. They can ‘give’ a little under the pressure on the baby’s head as he or she passes down the birth canal. This is good as it helps the baby through the narrow birth canal. During early childhood, these sutures harden and the skull bones can no longer move relative to one another. The head of most babies born vaginally becomes misshapen to some degree during the birth process. It returns to normal within a few days after birth.

Pregnancy symptoms & belly pictures

You may feel VERY big and uncomfortable by now, as your children are taking up a lot of room in your womb. Common symptoms are:

  • Pelvic pressure. It’s hard carrying two babies. Please note that sudden and intense pelvic pressure can be a sign of early labor.
  • Lower back pain.
  • It might feel like there’s no room left in your stomach. It’s difficult to eat a full meal. You may feel constipated as well.

twin pregnancy belly

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