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Would You Like to Blog for Us?

We’re looking for more twin moms and dads who’d like to blog about their lives as parents of twins. We’re also looking for parents who’d like to help review products for twins.

Woman with twin babies

High Intake of Protein May Lead to Bigger Twins

A recent study looks at di-di twin moms and their weight gain during pregnancy. The results suggest that a high protein gain lead to bigger babies at birth.

Mom nursing twins in park

Breastfeeding Twins: Experiences from a Twin Mom

When Leyla Gursakarya found out she was expecting twins, she knew she was in for a roller coaster ride. Read about how she experienced breastfeeding twins, and her tips on how to manage.

twin diaper bag by joanna stanek

Best Twin Diaper Bags and Backpacks

Read reviews of some of the best twin diaper bags and backpacks. Find out which twin changing bag that suits your needs the best.