TWiiN GEAR Diaper Duffle Bag Review

TWiiN GEAR Diaper Duffle Bag Review

Mom: Mande Byrne
Twins: Charlie & Joey, 11 months old

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How does the bag work when you go out?

“The bag, size wise, was great. You can fit an entire weekend worth of twin gear in this bag! That being said, it didn’t work well for me as an everyday diaper bag. I don’t care for the duffel bag style as a diaper bag – I prefer a backpack for twins. I carried this bag as a cross body bag using the strap. There was NO way I was going to carry this as a traditional duffel (by the handles) while managing my 11 month old twins and a 3 year old. When wearing as a cross body, I found it shifted too much when I bent over – it would sort of fall towards my front.  I ultimately really liked this bag as a “weekender” set. The smaller bag and tote were great to separate out toiletries and bottle gear from their clothes. As a weekender bag, this was fantastic and fit our needs very well. I would recommend this to a friend as a weekender option!”

Were your children comfortable on the changing pad?

“The kids were comfortable on the changing pad but it didn’t fit both. As with any changing pad, a little more cush would be nice for the kids. What would be really nice is a cushier area for the head.”

What do you think about the quality of the bag?

“Overall, the quality was great! Very easy to clean, the zippers were very easy and seemed high quality as well. The changing pad was ordinary and served its purpose just fine. I liked the fun print of the bag and really liked that the material wasn’t a lite color that can dirty easily. I also like that it was water-resistant feeling. Lord knows that we all have leaks to deal with! I don’t think there is anything I would add to the set. The outer pockets plus the smaller bags make up for the lack of pockets within the duffel. Perhaps making one of the outer pockets insulated for carrying bottles would add value to the overall bag offering.”

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