Cute twin babies videos

Watch these videos of different sets of cute twin babies. They are hilarious.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

Not much beats the sound of babies laughing. In these hilarious videos, a bunch of cute twin babies are enjoying each others company. 

Video 1:

Sock sharing, racing to bed, laughing on potties and dancing. 9 different sets of babies are caught on camera enjoying themselves (except one twin who is developing his own taste in music).


Video 2

This is a must see. Two twin girls are rocking to daddy’s guitar. Notice the look they share when he starts playing. In the end of the video you can go to a video of the twins one year later.


Video 3

Two darlings are singing and dancing to Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know.” They’ve definitely got the moves!


Video 4

Twin babies talking and cuddling – they’ll melt your heart.


Video 5

I want what he’s got – twin stealing pacifier from his brother.


Video 6

Twin girls holding hands and looking in each others eyes. So adorable!


Video 7

The return of daddy. He is definitely welcome to come play – his daughters are ecstatic about his arrival.


Video 8

Cute twin babies sharing marsh mellows. Notice in the end how one twin is using sign language to tell her dad that she wants more.


Video 9

One twin doesn’t want to stay in his crib during nap-time – watch until the end where he discovers that he’s caught on camera.


Video 10

Cute twin babies reacting to each other for the first time – so adorable!


Video 11

These moves are hilarious. Different sets of twins are dancing to songs like  “Let’s twist again” and “Gangnam Style.

If you have a cute video of twins having fun, then please leave a reply below this article and let us know.

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Kate Phillipa Clark

Kate Phillipa Clark has a bachelor in Journalism and an Executive Master in Corporate Communication. She is an identical twin and so is her father.


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