A Holiday Became the Starting Ground for Twin Clothing Brand

Dawn Motolese is the CEO and founder of My Twins Are Cuter. Her twins are teenagers and have been a huge inspiration for her clothing brand for twins. We’ve asked her a few questions about her business and what led her to developing a clothing brand for twins.

Why did you start My Twins Are Cuter?

“We started My Twins Are Cuter four years ago when my girls were 10 years old. We were on vacation at the beach and we saw an unordinary amount of twins, and we were being stopped and asked “are you twins?” The person who would ask would be a twin or their mom was a twin…. it was great hearing the stories. Some mom’s get annoyed with that but it doesn’t bother us, I love talking about twins. So after hearing “look mom twins” for the fourth time, my automatic response was “My Twins Are Cuter.” My girls said “Mommy, you should get that on a t-shirt,” “you should get that on socks,” “you should get that on a mug.” Their creative minds were working overtime, and I loved that!”

What steps did you take from there?

“When we got home from vacation, I went to GoDaddy and bought the URL. I was originally going to make a few shirts for the family just for fun, but in my research, I found, that there are far too many twins in the US alone that might actually enjoy the products I had in mind. After that we worked on creative, built the website and here we are! “My Twins Are Cuter” is a statement every twin mom, dad or grandparent can use about their twins. After all, who doesn’t think their kids are the cutest!”

What kind of products do you offer?

“T-shirts, onesies, sweatshirts, mugs, and we have some great ideas in the works for future products. We are the only clothing brand for twins. All of our designs are created with the number 2 right down to our logo. Our logo and company name are on every product.”

What’s your best selling item?

“Our best sellers for adult t-shirts are “I Love My Twins” and “I Love My Grandtwins.” We sell out of these frequently. Our best sellers in twinsets are the 2 Cute design, Playful Puppies and Clever Crabs.”

What’s your plans for My Twins Are Cuter going forward?

“We want to reach as many twin families as possible. Eventually we would like to partner with Carter’s or a company of that caliber.”

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