Can twins have twins?

Can twins have twins? Yes! Twins can definitely have twins.They can have both identical and fraternal twins, but let’s set something straight from the get go. As far as scientists know, identical twins are not hereditary and don’t run in families. This means that an identical twin is as likely to have twins as anyone else. Read more about how identical twins are formed and have a look at this interesting case where identical twins did in fact have identical twins themselves. Nevertheless, note that the odds of an identical twin having identical twins are extremely low.

Explains myth

A female fraternal twin has a higher probability of having fraternal twins compared to a woman who’s not a fraternal twin. This is because some women have a hereditary tendency to release more than one egg during ovulation enabling fraternal twins to form. They can pass this tendency on to their daughters. A father who’s a fraternal twin can pass the gene on to his daughters. This may explain why some people mistakenly believe that twins skip a generation.

Increase your chances

There are other factors that predispose you for having fraternal twins. Being tall and overweight seems to increase the chances. Age is also an important factor. Women in their mid- to late thirties are more likely to release more than one egg per menstrual cycle, which means that getting pregnant several times in your late thirties will increase the odds of having fraternal twins. Read more about increasing the likelihood of having twins.

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