22 Weeks Pregnant With Twins: Symptoms, Development & Movement

Your babies are growing and gaining weight. Look at these estimated fetal weight charts to learn more about how twins grow in the second half of pregnancy.

Pregnancy diet, nutrition & prenatal vitamins

Eat plenty of vegetables, whole-grains and a variety of lean protein foods. Switch to fat-free or low-fat milk and yogurt. Drink plenty of water and stop or reduce your intake of sugary drinks. Remember to take an iron supplement. This is especially important if your iron levels are low. You can get a blod test to find out if you have an iron deficiency. Feeling weak and exhausted all the time can be a sign of iron deficiency.

Baby size & development

Your babies measure about 27,5 centimeters (10.83 inches), when you’re 22 weeks pregnant with twins. The median weight for dichorionic twins is 522 grams (1lbs, 2oz) and for monochorionic twins it’s 508 grams (1lbs, 1oz).
Your babies are listening inside the womb. They’re mainly able to hear sounds from your body and voice at this point, but sounds from the outside world also get through. Their hearing are still developing and will get better as the weeks go by. Especially your voice and other lighter voices go easily through. Darker voices have more difficulties penetrating, so dads need to get close to the stomach to be heard. Your babies skin is still thin and wrinkled. The skin grows a lot and will develop more layers of fat later on. That will make your children’s cheeks look fuller.

Pregnancy symptoms & belly pictures

Your belly is growing, your uterus is starting to take up a lot of space, and you may feel uncomfortable. Your stomach might not be working as well as it did before your got pregnant. You can do a lot to remedy this by eating healthy and exercising. However, that’s hard to do, if you feel exhausted and lack the energy. Tell yourself that 5-10 minuttes is okay, and be proud of yourself when you do it instead of thinking that you should have done more. Other pregnancy symptoms at 22 weeks pregnant with twins are:

  • Varicose veins, stretch marks and fluid retention. Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins.
  • You may notice more fat on your thighs and buttocks – your body is preparing for a period of breastfeeding. Eat healthy, if you want to limit your twin pregnancy weight gain. However, remember it’s not good to be underweight either. If this is the case, increase your calorie intake by eating larger portions. If you feel like there’s not enough room in your stomach, or you are bothered by acid reflux, eat smaller portions, but eat frequently.
  • Due to pigmentation, many pregnant woman will get a dark, vertical line that appears on the abdomen. The line runs vertically along the midline of the abdomen from your pubis to your navel, but can also run from the pubis to the top of the abdomen. It’s called “linea nigra” and typically disappears within a few months after delivery.
  • If you haven’t felt your babies move for the first time by the end of this pregnancy week, you should see your doctor or midwife, and tell them. An ultrasound scan to check that everything is progressing as expected would be appropriate.

twin pregnancy belly    twin pregnancy belly    twin pregnancy belly   twin pregnancy belly

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