Study Explores Causes of Stillbirth in Uterus

A Chinese study explores the causes of stillbirth in the uterus. The researchers analyzed 65,621 pregnancies between 2000 and 2017. All women gave birth at Peking University First Hospital in Beijing. 105 cases of intrauterine fetal death were included in the study. 82 of those were singleton pregnancies and 23 were twin pregnancies. The researchers were looking at the leading causes for fetal death in both the singleton and the twin pregnancies. The study found that the leading causes were different depending whether or not it was a twin or singleton pregnancy.

Complications related to mothers

In singleton pregnancies, the leading cause of fetal death in the uterus was complications related to the pregnant women. That included severe pre-eclampsia and diabetes. The second reason was umbilical cord factors, including over-screwed umbilical cord, cord entanglement and true knot of cord. 65,9 percent of the women, who lost their child, felt decreased or disappeared movements prior to the loss being determined.

Complications related to babies

In twin pregnancies, the leading cause of death was complications related to having monochorionic twins. Monochorionic twins are identical twins who share a placenta. The researchers concluded that to reduce the occurrence of fetal death in the uterus, pregnancy complications should be managed in time and properly. Also, monochorionic twins should be determined as early as possible and more attention should be paid to abnormal fetal movement and the application of ultrasound.

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