Pros & Cons From Twin Mums: The Twin Z Pillow


“I have the Twin Z Pillow and love it! We are still using it at 22 months. It has been so awesome from day 1 and definitely contributed to our exclusively breastfeeding success. When my twins were babies, I would use the pillow as a place to let them rest or to give them tummy time (on the floor and supervised, of course). They still love to lay in it, and I can see us using it after they’re done breastfeeding. The Twin Z nursing pillow comes with a bag and is easy to take on trips.”


“Twin Z was a dream. We still use it at 17 months for naps, and my parents bought one for their house that they’d bottled feed my boys wearing or putting it on the floor. Tried the My Breast Friend and hated it.”


“I started with the Twin Z but ended up moving to the My Brest Friend because I had a hard time when home alone getting both girls situated on the Twin Z. I worried one would roll off while I got the other on. I swapped to the My Brest Friend because it’s more firm and great with floppy newborns. Still using it now at almost four months. Right now I’m using the Twin Z more for the girls to sit in propped up. I expect I’ll use it more for nursing in the next month or so as the girls get to big for the My Brest Friend. When I travel I bring only one pillow, the Twin Z, because I can use it both for nursing (with help) and also to have them in a spot to sit/lean propped up so I’m not having to carry them the entire time. They both have reflux so they’re very rarely flat.”


“I have the Twin Z Pillow Waterproof. The material is quite smooth and it makes the babies slide more easily. I’d prefer a different material. I like the back support, it’s very comfortable. It’s great being able to both nurse and bottle-feed using it.”


“I wouldn’t recommend the Twin Z Pillow for someone who is built like me and wants to nurse for a long time. I’m a US size 8 with quite a slim waist and broad hips. If my waist was wider and my torso was shorter, I think the Twin Z Pillow would be a good fit. If I wanted to bottle feed as well, I’d use the Twin Z Pillow because you can both nurse and bottle feed using it.”


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