Pros & Cons From Twin Mums: The Piglet Twin Breastfeeding Pillow


“I ended up ordering the Peanut and Piglet Twin Breastfeeding Pillow from Europe after a lot of research. I exclusively breastfeed my singleton with a boppy and knew, I would need something more sturdy and solid to be able to breastfeed two at a time. I have LOVED it!! It is perfect. It is made to fit your legs underneath and still have a flat surface, it has great back support. It is sturdy so when you set one baby on and reach for the other, there is no worry. They both have plenty of room and support. I’m a size 16/18, and it fits me well. It’s a little too small for my hubby to use for bottle feeding.”

“I’ve tried a few different twin nursing pillows and the Piglet Twin Breastfeeding Pillow was by far the one I liked the best. It’s very stable and I’m able to position my babies without help.”

“I have to adjust my babies a few times at each feed because the gap between the pillow and my stomach is a bit too big and they tend to slide inwards. Nevertheless, that is much better than them rolling off the pillow. I have a very slim waist compared to the width of my hips and I don’t think I’d have the problem if I was built differently.”

“It’s a very sturdy pillow. I like nursing with it, but the fabric quickly gets a bit worn. It seems to attract hair, and I shed a lot at the moment. Fortunately it’s easy to take the cover off and wash it.”



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