Why Being Pregnant With Twins Might Upset You

It may feel overwhelming for you and your partner, when you learn that you are pregnant with twins.
Some react with joy, whereas others react with frustration, concern or anger. The so-called negative emotions are sometimes associated with feelings of shame or guilt, but are nevertheless common. It’s important to identify why these feelings occur, in order to deal with and handle your multiple pregnancy in the best way possible for you and your family – preferably before your twin babies arrive.

Typical reasons for negative emotions:

  • Fear of complications in relation to multiple pregnancy
  • Scared of giving birth
  • Economical concerns
  • Not having sufficient time and energy
  • Negative impact on older siblings
  • Strains on marriage and sex life

Discuss with your partner what actions to take, in order to feel more secure regarding being pregnant with twins.

For instance consider:

  • Consulting GP, midwife, specialist or other families with twins
  • Making or revising your budget
  • Asking family and friends for help
  • Getting a babysitter
  • How to involve siblings
  • How to find time for each other

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten, regarding how to cope with stress or anxiousness when being pregnant with twins? Please leave a reply below this article.

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