Hospital Bag for Twins: How to Pack Your Twin Baby Bag?

You might be thinking about what to bring with you when getting your hospital bag for twins ready. We’ve made a list of what other mothers of twins have chosen to take with them to the hospital. You can pick and choose from it – you probably won’t be needing everything from the “hospital bag for twins” list. You can make do with less if you’re comfortable wearing hospital clothes and using their amenities. Also, remember to bring your twin birth plan if you’ve prioritized making one.


For mom



You may be fine with the gowns at the hospital – in that case just remember to pack a set of clothes to wear home. If you’d like to wear you own clothes, consider packing the following:

– Pajama pants, maternity pants or yoga pants. If you’ve had a vaginal birth you’ll be wearing large pads after the delivery and might prefer to wear loose pants.

– Comfy socks and/or grippy socks so you don’t slip and fall. Slip on shoes of some sort as your feet might be swollen.

– Shirts you can button up for skin-to-skin contact and/or nursing tanks.

– Comfortable underwear, sports- or feeding bras. If you’ve had a c-section you might want to think about wearing materials that allow your incision to breath – for instance wool. Some find it annoying to wear pants due to the incision. Loose summer dresses/maxi dresses and large underpants might do the trick.

– Bathrobe or cardigan

– Abdominal binder (belly band). Remember to ask if your hospital can provide one (some do for free).


– Your own pads – if you don’t want to use the large ones at the hospital.

– Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, face wipes, chap stick, deodorant, hand lotion, hair ties (maybe even a headband to get your hair completely out of your face), hair brush and products, make-up.

– If you plan on breastfeeding, bring lanolin cream (nipple cream) and breast pads. Consider buying them in wool. The natural fibers of wool allow your skin to breathe. This is especially beneficial if you have cracked or bleeding nipples.

– Soft toilet paper. The hospital will supply toilet paper, but sometimes it’s coarse. This can be especially irritating after a vaginal birth.


For babies


– Twin nursing pillow – have a look at our Twin Nursing Pillow Review.

– Going home outfits for both children in a couple of sizes. Remember socks. Consider packing both preemie and newborn clothes, depending on the size of your babies.

– Blankets and caps for both babies if it’s chilly.

– Car seats. Have a look at this car seat guide and find out how to choose the best car seat.

– A few diapers depending on how far you have to drive when taking your babies home.



For partner & room


– Long charging cords for your phones or tablets.

– Camera, if you won’t or can’t use your phone.

– Your own snacks if you don’t want to buy from vending machines and cafeterias. You might be up at night nursing or caring for the babies and get hungry.

– Water bottle.

– Your own pillows (especially if you have neck issues).

– Change of clothes and toiletries for partner.

– Earplugs.

Baby memory books.


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Hospital bag packing list for twins. Know what to pack for mom, dad, and the twins.
Make sure your hospital bag is packed with the essentials. Here you will find a packing list for a twin hospital bag.

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  1. Kaylan says:

    Just a heads up that you have to wear the big pads after a cesarean birth as well! The bleeding from a c-section is comparable to a vaginal birth, if not a bit heavier at times.