Twin Offers Line of Personalized Jewelry & Accessories

What inspired you to start your own business?

“I didn’t start out with a plan to start a business. I’m very ‘crafty’ and ‘creative.’ I started making jewelry in 2006, mainly earrings, and over time I ended up having a lot of pieces on hand, so I opened Lustrous Elements on Etsy in 2008 to sell what I had accumulated. Over the years I’ve refined and expanded what I’m offering into a whole line of personalized jewelry and accessories.”

What’s your background?

“I studied visual communications at the Art Institute of Dallas, which lead to my work in the advertising industry. For my jewelry business, I’m self taught through classes, online tutorials, and trial and error.”

What’s the top 3 most sold products in your store?

What products do you have for families with twins?

What’s your plans for Lustrous Elements going forward?

“I ask myself this a lot! I work a regular job, on top on having my own Etsy shop where I sell my creations. I average 30 hours a week with my Etsy shop. Business ebbs and flows, and is not always a reliable source of income. For now I’m keeping it status quo, and balancing out personal life with work life. Possibly in the future I’ll take it to the next step to grow it into a business that can fully support me.”

You have a twin brother. What was the best thing about having a twin brother growing up?

“We fought a lot growing up, but there were times he would be the most amazing brother and stick up for me if someone was picking on me. As we got older he was always there for me, no matter what!! Having a twin brother is one of my biggest blessings in life!”

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