Toys for twins: 5 great ideas

You know you’ve hit jackpot, when your children are getting along and playing well together. These 5 toys for twins will keep your children entertained for hours, while you catch your breath. We’ve found all of them on Amazon, but check out your local stores as well, if you prefer to test the toys before buying.

5 toys for twins

Walkie Talkies
Your children will love this small and exquisite walkie talkie set. They’ll get to practice their communication skills and imagination while having loads of fun. The walkie talkies come in black, blue, orange, pink and yellow and range up to 3 km. They come with rechargeable batteries and charger. They are easy to use, so no need for parents to step in and help.

Play twin tent
Let your twin’s have fun with their own twin play tent. They can use it in the living room or in their own room, where it may help the transition from their toddler bed into a twin size bed. It comes in pink and purple. Also, check out this tent in green.

Sand table
Let’s go outside (or stay inside if you don’t mind a bit of sand on the floor). You’re children will enjoy playing at their new sand table, making cakes, digging holes or wherever their imaginations take them. Read this article about sand play and why it is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive and social skills.

Laser Tag Set
Let your twins blow off some steam with this laser tag set with two Blasters. The children don’t need to wear vests, the blaster is the target. The settings are interchangeable on each blaster and can be set on the go.

Twin taxi tricycle
They’ve shared a womb, so why not share a tricycle? They’ll love taking turns being the driver and the passenger. They come in many varieties and colours for instance with a passenger seat or with two seats.

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