New Book Targeted to Siblings of Twins

Book about Twins

Why did you decide to write “The Twinniest Twins?”

“I have always loved writing and had the dream of writing a child’s favorite book since I was a kid. It wasn’t until I had my own kids, boy/girl twins, that I noticed something missing in the world of children’s books. When my kids were born I started looking for books for twins that talked about how you can be an individual and still share a special twin bond. We have other multiples on both sides of our family, and I knew that was a particular pet peeve of most of them when they were younger. They wanted to be seen for who they were beyond being a multiple. The books I found at the time mostly featured twins that looked alike and treated them like a set instead of individuals. I decided since I couldn’t find the book I wanted for my kids, I would try to write it myself. I was lucky to connect with my publisher through a friend, and the person I pitched my idea too had twins, so they got the idea immediately.”

What’s the purpose of the book?

“I want twins to be able to appreciate the ways in which they are unique from each other, and the things that they have in common. I want to celebrate both the individual child and the relationship they share with their twin. I also want to acknowledge some of the questions and comments twins often get, like being “double trouble” and people asking if they are identical. The Twinniest Twins is written for the 2-6 age range and while it features boy/girl twins, I kept the activities and things I talk about in it neutral enough that I think any twin or twin parent can relate.”

You’re working on a second book. What’s it about, and why did you decide to write it?

“My second book is dedicated to the older sibling of twins. I heard from so many parents how hard it was for their older child when their twins came along because they require so much work from parents and attract so much attention from everyone else. I wanted to write a book for the older sibling of twins so they felt seen and that their unique situation was acknowledged. In the book I discuss why the older sibling is special, how they can do things their younger twin siblings can’t, and how they can teach them things. I also talk about some of the frustrations they may feel sometimes when their twin siblings get a lot of attention or are just off playing with each other. I really wanted to address the good and the hard parts of their situation while reminding them they are special too.”

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