Twins Leaving Home: Transition Periods & Empty Nest Syndrome

It’s a strange coincidence, as I write this article my twins are preparing to leave home and stay at their university campus. Is this challenging for me or for them? Both I guess. The empty nest syndrome will definitely be far more critical to us parents to get used to a life without them. As twins
they have each other and are excited looking forward to their new life.

Anxiousness of a different kind

Years ago when they started pre-school the anxiousness was of a different kind. Nevertheless these are phases every parent should anticipate and stay prepared. Children grow physically, mentally and emotionally so do parents along with them. Preparing a child to face these changes is important. Personally I feel the more preparedness the parent shows, the better it is for the child. Anticipating and accepting transitory phases of childhood, teenage years and early adulthood of any child should be natural and inevitable for any parent.

Becoming socially independent

During the pre-school years leaving home for school for a few hours was an equally big task in comparison in leaving home today for higher education. Adjusting to a new environment and becoming socially independent was my main area of focus then. Academics was secondary. As I was always of the opinion that a good environment provided will enable learning. Helping my twins develop a healthy and positive attitude to school, friends and teachers was very important.

Good and bad days at school

There have been good and bad days at school, sharing those experiences at home and giving a positive perspective was my role as a mother. I have tried to avoid exposing them to too much negatives but throwing caution to the wind they have always been kept aware of the dangers and frailties of the world outside their home. The mother is the best teacher, and most children naturally endorse anything a mother says. An educated mother can transform not only her child but the entire. In a country like India today, educating a girl child is of utmost importance not only for the  economy but critical for aforesaid reasons.

Being together and facing hurdles

There have been many instances where one twin has comprehended and handled situations better – but being together and facing hurdles brings about a balance. This eternal equilibrium is what twins are blessed with. Twins naturally tend to prioritize each other and their needs before anything else. This characteristic nature is highly beneficial especially if parents and caregivers are not around. Having help around always helps ease the burden of any difficulty.

Face challenges in this world

As twins move forward in life they learn this balancing act of prioritizing each other always. Differences in opinion and arguments are bound to be a part of everyone’s life, but even more important is the problem solving capacity and the support system they build for each other. So I can be assured that my twins who are definitely going to face challenges in this world are better equipped because they have one another for support. ALL THE BEST to them and me as well!!!

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