Making a twin birth plan can make you and your partner feel more at ease before and during labor. It's a good way for you to let the hospital staff know about...

Read twin birth stories from mothers of twins. Learn about natural birth, vaginal birth after c-section, c-section for one or both twins and twin home birth.

Find out about survival rate, special care and birth weight for premature twins born at 27 to 37 weeks. Learn about premature labor and attachment issues.

Women carrying twins with birth weight discordance are more at risk of experiencing stillbirth.

A 2018 study looks at vaginal delivery of monochorionic and dichorionic twins. The researchers wanted to determine how the newborn babies were doing and...

New study identifies factors that increase and decrease the likelihood of successful vaginal delivery of twins.

New study indicates that planned vaginal delivery is favorable for women expecting twins. However, only if twin A is head first and delivered between 32 to 37...

Researchers explore 380,095 twin births to determine the success rate of vaginal birth after c-section - VBAC with twins.

New study looks at whether or not women who give birth to twins prematurely are more at risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.

New study looks at parents attachment to babies born preterm and at term. It also explores whether or not having twins affect parent-child attachment.

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