Learn about premature twins born at 34 weeks (33+0 to 33+6 weeks). Read about preterm labour and the NICU.

Learn about premature twins born at 35 weeks (34+0 to 34+6 weeks). Know what will happen if you go into preterm labour and read stories about preterm twins and...

Boys with co-twin sisters are on average heavier and longer at birth than boys with co-twin brothers. All twins in this multinational study were dizygotic.

Researchers look into potential risks correlated to the development of low oxygen levels in the second twin after vaginal delivery of the first twin.

New study explores the risk of premature labour according to pre-pregnancy BMI in women pregnant with twins.

A group of researchers did a study to explore the incidence of miscarriage of one twin in dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancies. All pregnancies were...

A Canadian study looks at twins with birth weight discordance to determine whether or not their mothers are more at risk of developing morbidities.

Read our twin birth stories, and get advice on how to handle the first few days and months from other mothers of twins. Read twin birth stories from mothers...

Study finds that women pregnant with twins have an increased risk of cardiovascular dysfunction compared to women pregnant with singletons.

A group of Korean researchers set out to investigate the short-and long-term outcome of spontaneous Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS).

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