Care in Hospital: How a Twin Mom Remembers her Stay

I have vivid memories of the surgical procedure, the medical team and the rather organised medical facility at the Lakeside Hospital. Scouting for the hospital and ensuring that the medical team available is efficient was done months before the delivery. Familiarity of the hospital and the doctors helped in making me feel reassured. In my case all this was well planned, therefore it was not a bad experience considering it was a twin pregnancy. The c-section was treated like a very simple procedure. My epidural anesthesia was the only pain I remember and it’s aftermath of numbness. I remember being very attentive to the surgeons instructions and the excitement of seeing the children thereafter.

Physical discomfort was causing stress

Postnatal care of both mother and child goes a long way in determining their future well being. Since I was freshly sutured and still under my anesthesia, I was shown a glimpse of my children and was wheeled into my room for recovery. The children were in incubation, and I was recovering. My family ensured that my first day at the hospital was pleasant. The first twin weighed 2.5 kilograms (5lbs, 8oz) and the second twin 2 kilograms (4lbs, 6oz). They looked small to average weight, but there were two so that has to be kept in mind. With the anesthesia wearing off my physical discomfort was causing me a little stress.

Breastfeeding became the biggest game changer

Lactation becomes the biggest game changer after your delivery. My questions were “Will I be able to feed them both?” “Is there something that I can supplement their nutrition with, if I’m not lactating enough?” Yes, it is natural, and nature provides in abundance when the provider is nourished physically and mentally. New mothers such as me don’t anticipate these situations. In retrospect I feel I could have done better, if I was counselled and encouraged better. Creating a very positive environment and a happy one helps in these crucial moments. If handled well, this will help reduce a lot of postnatal depression. Every pregnancy comes with its risks and complications. I was fortunate to be looked after by a good medical team and a supportive family.

Time spent in the hospital is important

The babies had routine medical check-ups, and vaccinations were done during this period of stay in the hospital. The time spent in the hospital with the children is important to educate and acclimatize the mother and the care givers to the new lives. I personally took advantage of this postnatal care to enrich and nourish myself for the future challenges.

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