Twin Dad & Author Reaches Out to Other Twin Dads


Why did you decide to write “Twins: A Survival Guide for Dads?”

“Well, the primary reason was because when I looked for a book for dads of twins, there were none. And therein lay an opportunity. If you wanna job doing, you gotta do it yourself. Or something. It still remains the only British book on the subject, as far as I know. I tried to keep it short and sweet; I know the reading habits and lack of prolonged focus of many of my male friends (I don’t wish to gender stereotype, but…). Hopefully, it also appeals to mums, too. Indeed, a friend who is pregnant with twins declared her enjoyment of the book only the other day, so I guess it does.”

What’s your background?

“My background is that of being a teacher and a philosopher. But Twins: A Survival Guide for Dads was a marked change from my usual writing – I also write fiction. I couldn’t geek out too much, and I had to tailor the writing for a far more general audience. It was difficult because you know that readers will have such a varied experience of parenting already. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone.”

What’s your best advice to dads of twins?

“Always a tough one to answer. I guess it is this: accept support. From wherever you can get it. I’d also say that it doesn’t get easier. They sleep so much when they are newborns. When they can talk, they make demands, and when they get older, they do clubs. Your time is forever spent… People often wish for twins because, you know, they look cute. Only when they know parents of twins do people realize how demanding parenting twins can be. Trying to allow your twins their own individuality when also taking practicalities into account is a struggle.”

Do you have more books about twins on the way?

“I have a few other book projects to complete, but I do rather want to write a second edition to the present book, perhaps including experience and advice from other dads of twins. So if anyone fancies sending me anything, please write me an e-mail.”


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