Having twins: Pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers & children

Maybe you’re thrilled about having twins. Maybe you need just a little more information, before you feel secure in your new role as a twin mom or dad. Reactions can range from joy to shock, when you learn that you are becoming a twin parent. Find out how to cope, so you are able to enjoy having twins – also when the 3 am feedings are taking their toll on you.

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Use our twin pregnancy week by week guide and stay updated throughout your pregnancy. Find out how twins are formed and know the difference between the many types of twins. Get insight into the feelings and emotions associated with being pregnant and how you deal with them.

Be prepared for the birth of your twins. Get advice from midwives and be informed about pregnancy complications and early labour. Also read our twin birth stories and get advice from other twin mothers. Learn how to take care of yourself, your partner and your twin babies.

Having twins means dealing with two babies at once. Find out how to handle this and learn more about nursing, breastfeeding and sleep.

Two active toddlers are a joy, but can also take a toll on you and your partner. Learn tips to cope and receive information about potty training, parenting and other subjects relevant for parents having twins.

Your twins are getting bigger and may be starting school or on their way to college. Read about twin scholarships and the joys and challenges of having twins, who are maturing.

A strong family foundation is a strength, especially when you’re having twins. Read about parenting and how to develop or maintain a thriving family. Read about how other families are handling having twins and what you can do to make sure that you, your partner and your children stay connected emotionally.


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