Twin Baby Carrier Review & Guide: Pick the Best Twin Carrier

Finding the right twin baby carrier is important. It will make life easier for you to be able to carry both your twins close to your body, but only if your babies are supported well. You also need to make sure that you are supported well. Otherwise you might develop issues with your back or neck. Have a look at some key features you should look for when shopping for the right twin baby carrier.

Key features to look for in twin baby carriers

  • The most important thing you need to be sure of when purchasing a twin baby carrier is that it allows healthy hip positioning. If your babies are carried in the wrong way, they are at risk of developing hip dysplasia or hip dislocation. When babies are carried, the hips should be allowed to spread apart with the thighs supported and the hips bent. This is called hockey or frog position. Some types of twin baby carriers may interfere with healthy hip positioning. You should never choose a twin baby carrier or twin baby sling which forces the hips into a stretched-out position. Look at this guide on how to avoid hip dysplasia from baby carriers.
  • You need to make sure that the twin baby carrier fits your body well. It’s important to avoid that you develop painful issues with your neck, shoulders or back. Look for the possibilities of adjusting the twin carrier depending on your height, the length of your torso, your chest and stomach. Make sure that any straps and buckles are easy to fit and adjust. Look for the possibility of being able to adjusting the carrier so it fits different size babies.
  • Make sure that the twin baby carrier is made of materials that passes all safety regulations and are free from harmful and allergenic substances. If you know you’d like to use the twin baby carrier a lot then look for whether or not you can wash it. The material needs to be machine washable so you can get rid of milk or spit-up stains.

There are many different designs to choose from depending on how you prefer to carry your babies. Some prefer a twin baby sling and others like to carry their twins in front of them or on their back. Choose whatever kind of twin baby carrier your prefer as long as you are sure that your babies are safe and well-supported. Have a look at our twin baby carrier reviews, and find the twin carrier that you believe will fit you and your babies best. We’ll continuously add more reviews to this article.

We’ve tested this

In the reviews we focus on testing features in relation to ergonomics, safety and fit. Several people helped do the reviews. Some focused on technical details whereas twin moms have done the actual “real-life” testing by using the twin baby carriers with their babies.

Test of: The Weego TWIN baby carrier

black weego twin baby carrierThe Weego TWIN baby carrier is developed for premature and infant twins. You wear the Weego TWIN Baby Carrier in front of you with both twins facing you. The Weego TWIN Baby Carrier has a specially designed double pouch construction. It’s designed to ensure healthy hip development and to support proper and full support for your babies backs and heads. It comes in four colors, black, navy blue, red & white and grey & white.

Test of: Uchi Duo Twin Water Sling

mom carrying babies in UchiWraps Twin Water SlingThe UCHI DUO Twin Water Sling consists of two slings and one pair of rings. It’s gathered around your shoulders, and you carry your twins in front of you or on your hips. You can use the sling both in and out of water. The twin sling is available in one length, approximately 72 inches long (182 cm) by 26-27 inches (66-68 cm) wide. It comes in several different colors.

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