About-twins.com is a website targeted to parents and soon-to-be parents of twins. We write about everything pertaining to twins – twin pregnancy, labor, parenting, research and relevant products for twins. Every month we have 32.000 visitors, +44.000 sessions and +69.000 page views  – and we’re growing steadily. 

About-twins.com was launched in 2016 by journalist Kate Phillipa Clark. Her father is an identical twin, and so is she. Growing up with an identical twin sister, she’s always found it interesting how the outside world reacts to them and how having a twin affects your identity.  

To maintain our journalistic credibility, we don’t do sponsored content. We do product reviews from time to time, but we don’t accept payment for reviews. We give away the products to twin moms or dads when they’ve been reviewed. We have relevant affiliate links from Amazon and Etsy in a few of our articles. Affiliate programs provide means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to their products. Clicking on the links in no way affects the price customers pay. 

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