Christmas ornaments for twins: Twins first Christmas

Have a look at personalized twins Christmas ornaments for boy-boy, girl-girl and boy-girl twins. Find first Christmas ornaments for twins.

By Kate Phillipa Clark

The Holiday season is upon us and for many Christmas time equals Christmas ornaments. Whether this is your first Christmas with twins or you have older children, we’ve collected a bunch of Christmas ornaments for twins that you can look through. Happy holidays!


First Christmas ornaments for twins

There is something special about the first Christmas you celebrate with your infant twins. Make a physical memory – and a tradition – of it with a first Christmas ornament for twins.




Personalized twin ornaments

Many shops will give you the possibility of personalizing your twins Christmas ornaments. Often you’ll be able to add information like the names of your children and year of birth. You might also consider joining the fun and get a twin Christmas ornament for the entire family – like the family in pajamas ornament below.




Personalized twin ornaments – girls

You’re able to purchase Christmas ornaments for twins depending on their genders. Here are a few suggestions for parents who have girl-girl twins.



Personalized twin ornaments – boys

If you have boy-boy twins, we have a few suggestions for twin Christmas ornaments that might fit well in your home.




Personalized twin ornaments – girl and boy

Here are a few ideas that may go well with your boy-girl twins. Something for them to look at for many Christmases to come.



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