Would You Like to Blog for Us?

We're looking for more twin moms and dads who'd like to blog about their lives as parents of twins. We're also looking for parents who'd like to help review products for twins.

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Would you like to blog for us?

Would you like to write about your twin pregnancy journey or your life with twins? We’re looking for twin dad and twin mom bloggers to share their experiences with the readers of about-twins.com. If you’re interested, then please write us and tell us a bit about yourself:

  • What country you live in
  • How old your twins are and whether they’re fraternal or identical
  • Anything else you’d like

Would you like to help us review products?

We’re also looking for parents who’d like to help us review products – especially parents with twins under the age of 2. If you’re interested, then please join our product review group and read more about it. You get to keep the products once you’ve done the review.



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