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Read Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome stories from families of twins and triplets. Find out how to deal with a difficult multiple pregnancy from reading our...

Having twins with different fathers is possible but extremely rare. It's possible to have fraternal twins with two different fathers and semi-identical twins...

Siji Francis is the mother of 19 year old fraternal twin girls. Read about her twin pregnancy, delivery and life with twins in India.

A group of researchers looked at women who had laser surgery for TTTS to explore whether or not laser surgery had an impact on their following pregnancies.

New research looks at separation of twins in school to find out whether or not separating them has a positive or negative educational outcome.

Have a look at personalized twin Christmas ornaments for boy-boy, girl-girl and boy-girl twins. Find first Christmas ornaments for twins.

A new study looks at parents relationship quality, the quality of mother–child relationships and whether or not they affect children’s externalizing...

Researchers from Japan explore neuro-developmental outcomes for monochorionic and dichorionic twins with extremely low birth weights.

A new twin study looks at how the gender of a sibling affects labor market outcomes for women and men.

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