100 female twins participated in a study regarding the effect of problematic alcohol use on the brain.

New Japanese study reveals that around 30 percent of monozygotic twins are misclassified as dizygotic.

A recent case study investigates whether mothers of twins have issues keeping their balance before and after delivery.

By reading popular magazines, young women are being presented to a number of meddlesome or destructive themes about pregnancy and birth. This was the...

Get an overview of different books about twins. Go through a list of twin books targeted to mothers of twins, fathers of twins, siblings of twins and twins...

New study investigates level of parenting stress in mothers of twins and singletons. Previous research established that mothers of twins are at higher risk.

New study indicates that children growing up in chaotic households are poorer at self-regulation and are more likely to cheat at games.

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Tine S. Ottesen was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April 2017. Her identical twin daughters were 1 year old. Read her cervical cancer story.

New study focuses on mothers who've had a Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) diagnosis.

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