Vivian Caldwell has written and illustrated four children’s books about twins. She works with felt characters and draws on her own experience raising twins...

New twin study explores whether lone mothers are more at risk of depression compared to married mothers.

A UK study asked participants to look at images of identical twins that differed in smoking status to find out who was perceived as being the prettiest.

A recent twin study looked into whether there’s a genetic association between autistic traits and atypical sensory reactivity.

Researchers set out to examine whether or not a positive home atmosphere makes children more physically active in their free time.

A new twin study looks at regular cannabis users with and without cannabis use disorder to find out if both groups experience psychological and social problems.

100 female twins participated in a study regarding the effect of problematic alcohol use on the brain.

Shannon O'Reilly-Fearn created Twin Love Concierge when she was placed on bed rest with her identical twin girls. Now it’s a business with 14 associates that...

New Japanese study reveals that around 30 percent of monozygotic twins are misclassified as dizygotic.

A recent case study investigates whether mothers of twins have issues keeping their balance before and after delivery.

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