Researchers set out to examine whether or not a positive home atmosphere makes children more physically active in their free time.

A new twin study looks at regular cannabis users with and without cannabis use disorder to find out if both groups experience psychological and social problems.

100 female twins participated in a study regarding the effect of problematic alcohol use on the brain.

New study uses monozygotic twins to examine the relationship between parents affection for their children and how it might influence their personalities.

New study indicates that children growing up in chaotic households are poorer at self-regulation and are more likely to cheat at games.

Childhood maltreatment is a known risk factor for cannabis initiation, and a study of female twins indicates that maltreatment is associated with cannabis...

New twin study finds that disordered eating is more prevalent among children and adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than the...

A new case study explains the case of a 18-year old twin diagnosed with psychopathy.

A perfectionistic twin is more likely to get anorexia nervosa than her less perfectionistic co-twin. It also seems that dieting age might be a significant...

An alarming one-fifth of twins in sub-Saharan Africa die before their 5th birthday, three times the mortality rate among singletons.