Looking for the perfect twins cake? There are a few things you might want to consider before tying your apron.

Twins are often pitted against each other by comparison. This is especially an issue if you are raising identical twins. Have a look at these 5 ways to raise...

There’s no doubt that raising twins is hard. Find out how to not only survive, but thrive, as a parent raising twins.

We love picking out gifts for twins. Have a look at these ideas that are sure to inspire you.

Yes, twins can definitely have twins. Identical twins, fraternal twins, you name it. However, it's only fraternal twinning that's hereditary.

Watch these videos of different sets of cute twin babies. They are hilarious.

Here's 8 great ideas for twin baby gifts. Have a look at them and take your pick.

Make sure that your little ones get off to a great potty training start. Learn the pros and cons of using a toilet training seat versus a potty.

It can be frustrating having to deal with potty training regression. Find out why and how to deal with it.

Learn about potty training age to give your children the best possible potty training start. Get an understanding of the three phases all children go through.

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