New study finds that you’re more at risk of vomiting and experiencing nausea with twins if you’re carrying at least one girl.

Learn about twin baby shower gift etiquette, and get ideas on what kind of gifts to buy. Find twin baby shower gifts for twin boys and girls.

At a twin ultrasound 12 weeks scan you'll often learn your twins chorionicity as well as your exact due date. This dating and chorionicity scan most often...

Your twins chorionicity determines whether or not you can detect them on ultrasound at or around 5 weeks of pregnancy.

New research looks at separation of twins in school to find out whether or not separating them has a positive or negative educational outcome.

Find out which challenges premature twins born at 27 to 37 weeks might be facing. Learn about special care, preterm labor, twin birth weight and survival rate.

There are several reasons for why mothers of twins wean their babies during the first six months after delivery.

Researchers compare twins with abnormal Dopplers who've had laser surgery for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). They look at changes and survival rate...

New study looks at parents attachment to babies born preterm and at term. It also explores whether or not having twins affect parent-child attachment.

Read about how a twin ultrasound is done, what your sonographer should be looking for, and how often you should have scans.

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